Cake - Nicole Reed





Holy shit, this book was a hot read!

I'm going to try make this review with little spoilers, but just be aware that there maybe spoilers!This book started out slow for me, I think I didn't get into it til around the 20% mark after that I couldn't put it down! You ask why? Enter Dray (My future husband)

What I was feeling whilst reading (Drays parts in the book)

And then Kylie kept going on and on about Trent (insert eye roll)( who is super hot but we don't like him, we all love Dray) that I wanted to tell (or scream at) her numerous times:

This story had me laughing, swooning (over Dray) and bringing a rage out of me that I found myself constantly doing this (to Kylie)

Then enter Madison. She is a girls bff! Loved her! If I didn't love Dray I would seriously consider Madison!


**Arc provided for honest review**