Take Care, Sara - Lindy Zart

You breathe in, you breathe out, and everything you know is gone. 

Sara Walker knows firsthand what it feels like to have your reality ripped away, scrambled, and shoved back at you in an undone puzzle where pieces are missing and nothing fits. She's lost so much and is struggling to live and to find the strength to forgive herself for being human. With the help of Lincoln, her husband's brother, Sara realizes it's not about finding who she used to be, but about finding who she is now.

You breathe in, you breathe out, and everything you know isn't gone, but reborn



WOW I'm really lost for words. Firstly though, I cannot believe I have not heard of this author before. I came across this book when one of the bloggers I follow on facebook posted a link stating this was on sale for 0.99c. When I checked this up on goodreads, I was amazed at all her books and their ratings. Lindy Zart has become one of new favorite authors.This story was so sad. It drew me in straight away and yes I admit, I shed a tear halfway reading this. I loved reading the heartbreak, sadness and then the journey of Sara healing. I felt it all with her. My friend posted on her review, how when she read this she thought what it would be like if losing her partner, and I was the same too. It made me think how if this was my husband, and being nearly the same age as Sara it makes you think, how heartbreaking it is too lose your love at such a young age when you should be growing old together. That is what so heartbreaking about this story is that it is a reality and it happens everyday. It makes me want to appreciate my husband more for we never know what could happen tomorrow. It wasn't all sadness. In comes Lincoln and boy reading their story was so beautiful. He was just so perfect for Sara. I loved it. I loved how it was written. I can't wait to read more from this author. To all the 'Sara's' out there, take care.