Color of Forgiveness - Madeleine Beckett


Myra Sommers is just starting to get her life back on track when everything falls apart. Having had her heart shattered in the past, she hesitates to take a chance on her grumpy, attractive contractor but finds herself falling for him nevertheless. Though she knows the rough yet tender man is keeping his painful past hidden from her, she is stunned when the trust she was beginning to put in him is broken.

Dylan Lawson is fighting back from the darkness and barely existing when he meets Myra. But his inability to open up to her about his past catches up with him, and suddenly their new, fragile relationship is put to the ultimate test. With an inner battle of loss, grief and pain, will Dylan find his second chance and forgiveness in Myra or will he forever be trapped in his past? 

A devastating secret is about to be revealed that could either end or strengthen their relationship. Myra could be the key to Dylan’s own healing and forgiveness but can his heart take another chance? With so many obstacles in their way, can they forgive themselves and each other and build a future together? Find out in this final installment of the Color series





Thank you Madeleine for giving me an arc, my first ever arc I'm so happy it was this. I thought I was going to die with the wait of this book's release so thank you Madeleine.


I loved it from start to end. I loved Myra & Dylan's story but equally loved Susie & Chad. I laughed so much with Susie, Chad & Jackie but most of all it made me cry for Dylan, Sabrina & their past. It was extremely heartbreaking Dylan & Sabrina's story. Could NEVER imagine a loss like theirs. EVER.

This is yours. My heart. It’s all yours. My heart, well, it loves you, but it hurts. I don’t know how to make it stop. It just hurts all the time..

“You’re so fucking beautiful you take my goddamn breath away.”


Dylan & Myra

I loved their story. Through their challenges, pain, sadness, fear and more they worked through it all to get their happily ever after. Their love was beautiful not to mention that sweet love making ;) I was happy for Sabrina to also have her happily ever after her & Dylan finding their peace with themselves and each other. I don't want to write to much that would give anything away so I will leave it for there for now. I loved both books and cant wait to read more from this author. She truly has a gift and cannot wait to read more.

And last but not least from Susie:

Today is a day to celebrate. You got dicked by Dylan’s Dick. May you continue to get dicked by Dylan’s Dick daily. I love you and I’m horrifically jealous. Love, Your Virtual Best Bud, Susie.