Trouble in Tampa - Nicole  Williams

When it comes to trouble, Eve’s used to showing plenty of it to her Targets, but when she’s assigned a new Errand, the roles become reversed. Rob Tucker is the kind of man who raises every red flag in a woman. He reminds Eve that some Clients aren’t just looking for freedom from their husbands—they’re trying to save their lives. She’s worked domestic violence Errands before, but this one’s . . . different. 

When a seemingly quick and simple job turns into the complete opposite, Eve finds herself juggling two of the most difficult Errands of her career. 

How far will she go to see both through to completion?


Seriously need more! It just keeps getting better & better!

But is definitely way too short!

I need answers and a HEA but not with dickface, but if Eve’s HEA is with him then so be it.

Just give us more!!