Underestimated - Jettie Woodruff

Morgan starts her life in a bad situation, she doesn't really know what she wants out of life. She's never had anyone to look up to, or help guide her in the right direction. She had it rough, and never dreamed that it could get worse, however she finds that it can, and does.

She learns what real hell is when she meets the husband that she doesn't want to marry, but isn't given a choice. Can she escape? She can, and does only to wake up and find herself right back at square one





Wtf. Thats basically gonna be the topic of this review. Wtf. WTF. Wtf!

The tears come when I think of the time I'll never get back from reading this ridiculous book. The blurb was appealing, so were the ratings. The more I got in to the story the more I wanted to shoot myself in the head or bleach my brain. One of the two. Or maybe both to make sure this book would be totally scrubbed from my brain. Morgan starts her new life, running away from her abusive husband and marriage only to fall in the arms of Dawson 5 minutes later, they love each other wtf. She has an accident causing her back in the arms of her husband with no memory she depends on him and eventually falls in love with him and he falls in love with her. And then bang her memory is back and she seeks revenge on her husband and Derik (husbands sidekick) bla bla. Thats all I read because I can no longer waste my precious time on this book. It is not so much the story as I love dark, twisted erotica but the writing. I couldn't get into it. I felt no connection between "Riley" & Dawson and even when she was in love with her husband I felt nothing there between them either, their characters did not connect at all. And wtf is up with her stupid vagina comments, honestly. 

Of course my vagina had to go and stick her nose in it too.

Hold your horses, vagina.

I swear if I could disown my vagina I would have.

There is a lot more, but no way am I going through my kindle to find them all. Fuck that.