Renegade Lady  - Dawn Martens, Emily Minton

Jenna “Ice” Chandler grew up as part of a motorcycle club. She considered it her home, until one wrong move made it her prison. After months of abuse, she is rescued by Chipper, who takes her to Big Clifty, Missouri, home of the Renegade Sons MC. 

Kiddrick “Kidd” Jones is the president of the Renegades. He knows there is something special about Ice the moment his older brother, Chipper, brings her into the club, but stays away, because she is too young.

When time comes for Ice to take her place in the club, she has two choices, become an old lady or a club whore. Not believing in love and knowing a man can never be faithful, she decides to earn her spot on her back. 

With each passing year, Kidd's feelings for Ice grows and the urge to make her his becomes stronger. Frustrated and jealous, he finally decides it’s time to make her his. 

Will Ice finally thaw out and give love a chance, or is Kidd fighting a losing battle?


This is one of those books, where you are like Wtf did I just read?! & I was asking myself shortly after I started. This was a Dnf. Yea, yea, I hear yous the ones that know me so well, "we are so surprised!" said none of them, ever.

Jenna, I did not like. At the age of 16, and a victim of rape I couldn't understand her choices. She peeved me off too much to finish this book. After I decided to not finish this, may I add a very hard decision I had to make.. not. I thought I would read the reviews on goodreads only to find 4-5 star ratings. I don't understand the ratings. 4.5 amazing some of them said. Am I on the right planet? How was the story amazing. It was rubbish and Jenna is an idiot. The end.