Stripping Asjiah - Sa'Rese Thompson Stripping Asjiah II - Sa'Rese Thompson



(Book #1) I wish someone could've told me by seventeen I would get raped by my uncle. That no one would believe me. Maybe then I could've prepared myself. No one was there to protect me. Instead I was thrown to the wolves. I had to find a way out, to escape all this madness. Before you judge me, what would you have done if you were in my position?


 (Book #2) You may think you know me, but I promise you, you don t. My eyes are different, heart is cold. Everything I ve ever loved is gone, I m an orphan. A product of an environment I ve been trying so desperately to escape. Who am I? I m the graffiti on a subway, I m the pages of your journal, I m the voice for the child who wants to scream but can t because they re afraid. I m my father s daughter, my brother s sister, my mother s daughter; I m Asjiah Cappelli and this is my story.








Meet Asjiah

 and sometimes I just want to die…

As an adolescent I was raped by the world, I lost my heart and soul to reality as a little girl. Alone I stand in darkness in search of light Trying to find an end; to this battle of pain that I fight. Temporary happiness is all that I have, Broken promises from a family that I thought would last. I have dreams of a demon that took an Angel’s life Her eyes wide with fear he set her soul free with a knife. My thoughts are invaded by the sounds of her screams. Tossing and turning from the nightmare of seeing blood in my dreams. I awake in a cold sweat as I throw back the covers. Hot tears sting my face realizing that Angel was my mother. I suffer from guilt asking myself isn’t their something I could’ve done. But I was face to face with the devil, a battle I lost and he won. Yet somehow I’ve managed to live after my heart has been ripped Without clothes Exposed I stand in front of you Naked. Bare. Stripped.



I don't even know where to begin. I have no words. All I can say is I loved this series. VERY Captivating. Both books pulled me in from start to end. It was brutal, gritty, angsty. Could NOT put it down. Very well written, the author has great talent and I cannot wait to read more of her work. Two of my favorite street lit reads.