Overwhelmed (Blurred Lines) - Marita A. Hansen

It was a chance meeting
That changed everything

Before only one man loved me
Now two do

One is my husband
The other a lover

I didn’t cheat
We had a threesome

But the problem was what followed
My lover wanted more than one night

My husband got angry
My lover got dirty

And I got overwhelmed


So my shift finished at 4am this morning and all I could think about was finishing this book, so I thought I would stay up and finish this, while waiting for my children to get up for the normal morning routine for school etc (before I could even think about sleep) I just had to finish this book, I had to know what was going to happen and when I read the last page, I was feeling a little disappointed and that wasn't because of Kelly's choice or the ending. I guess I was a little disappointed in how much of an awkward feeling I got while reading this, especially the threesome and even the foursomes. Instead of feeling all hot and flustered (lol) I felt more embarrassed and quite uncomfortable.

I didn't really like Kelly from the start, but she did grow on me a bit by the end. I hated how she complained about her husband and how everything was about her writing, that she lacked in a bit of everything especially when it came to sex with her husband she was more interested in thinking about her books, writing, facebook updates etc yet she didn't display that same sort of attitude with Eric. 

I really liked how this story was based on a couple who have been married and settled for a while with a pre-teen and teenage children but still quite young in their late 30's. 

This was just an okay read for me, which saddens me as Marita is one of my favourite authors. I have loved all her books I have read so far especially the behind the lives series but this one, just didn't sit well with me. It won't stop me from reading the second one though. I'm still keen to know what happens between these 3.